Give Back Like Betty Did

Elizabeth Louise Hammill Pistella (1939 - 1986)

Elizabeth Louise Hammill Pistella (1939 - 1986)

Our namesake is our inspiration. Whether she was Betty Lou, Mrs. P,  Aunt Betty, Mom, or Grandma Betty you know what she stood for. She wouldn't want any attention, she would rather be involved in what would seem to be small acts of kindness, but when added up were so much more.  (helping others, listening, driving, bringing, visiting) 

Betty died tragically in a car accident in Penn Hills a short distance from her home. Sadly she was only 46 years old and passed away two weeks after her first grandchild was born. Her immediate family suffered through a long mourning period. Thankfully, many friends and extended family members supported and helped so many recover. It was sad but beautiful and many had their faith challenged or strengthened.

One of her grandchildren, Sarah Pistella, wrote a poem in college.  The passage below does a wonderful job at capturing the optimism of the organization and its ideals.

30 years ago, my grandmother lost her life. 
Ever since I can remember, friends and family have told me how they had wished that I would had the chance to meet Betty Lou. I always responded that I did too. But as I grow older I find myself I thinking about her more and more, and I have realized that I have met my grandmother.
I see her in my Aunt Karen. I see her happiness and radiance in one of the kindest women that I know. I see her care and love in my Aunt Karen's ability to make anywhere feel like home and in the way that she makes everyone feel loved.
I see her in my Uncle TP. In his complete and total dedication to others, family and beyond. I see her in his unfailing love and compassion. I have met my grandma in his willingness to give himself to what is right. 
I see her in my Aunt Jamie. In her optimism and in her love for her family. I see her as I have watched my aunt raise her girls with love and patience. I not only have watched my cousins grow, but my Aunt Jamie gracefully blossom into an incredible mother like her own.
I see her in my grandfather who never misses an elementary school play or a graduation. Who let us put makeup on him and never forgets to tell his grandchildren what we mean to him. 
I see her everyday in my father. In his gentleness and affection towards everyone that he loves. I see her in the way that he looks at my mother with all of the love in his heart. I see her in the way he sacrifices everything for his family without question or hesitation. She is his thoughtfulness and tenderness in everything that he does. 
I have met her in the kindness of strangers. I have met her in the good deeds of others, in the people who go above and beyond what is expected, for nothing in return. 
I have met my grandmother. I have met her through everyone that she has touched. My grandmothers legacy goes far beyond what we might believe it to be. My Grandma Betty inspires me to live a life of kindness, service, patience, and generosity. I am eternally grateful to have a grandmother who continues to have such a profound impact on those around me. 
- Sarah Pistella

The foundation is nonprofit and qualifies as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our ultimate goal is to provide many small but specific funding that are both tangible and measurable. Expenses related to the organization are zero and will remain at the bare minimum as all members/employees are not paid. Thank you for your interest, please contact us or consider donating if you agree with our cause and see our results or if you want a tax deductible cause to support.