Pleasant Valley Men’s Shelter Pittsburgh, PA

Northside Common Ministries (affiliate of Goodwill)

ELHP Helps provided and served dinner/drinks and dessert for 40 men in this homeless shelter.

Also, provided Hand and Foot warmers as requested for the needs of the residents.


ELHP Airconditioning 2017 Results.jpeg

Living in Liberty Gibsonia, PA    

Living in Liberty offers a secure safe house for victims of human sex trafficking and does street outreach with victims on the streets.

ELHP Helps purchased Air conditioners for their home. This project was split to 2017 and 2018 due to the timing and complexity.

The organization gave us some quotes for a traditional central A/C systems, and the estimates were very expensive due to the fact that they do not have existing duct work in their building.  So, we turned our attention to ductless systems, i.e. ones that have a heat pump outside and an indoor unit that mounts on the wall.  This required 2 outdoor units and 3 indoor units to meet the demands of the house.  It now allows for both heating and cooling, so they will get better performance and efficiency all year round!


Saint John XXIII Home Hermitage, PA

ELHP Helps purchased iPads and mounting hardware and installation to secure the iPads for Saint John XXIII in Hermitage, PA

The wall mounts for the iPads allow the devices to be secured and locked into place. The residents can easily access and utilize as they have been placed in the Skilled 2 dining room and in Roncalli – one of the most popular activities room. 

They are adding NEW activity programming for the residents of the home that could be accomplished through the addition the iPads.   There are a number of "apps" and programs that are specifically designed for Seniors that will be used to "help pass the time".  In addition, they will utilize the devices to further implement a "Music Therapy" program that would be of benefit to many Seniors, especially those dealing with dementia/Alzheimer's disease.  They are also using them as a "SKYPE" station that would create more opportunities for our Seniors to "visit" with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who live outside of the area and are not able to visit as often as they would like.

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Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh, PA

ELHP Helps purchased personal care supplies and warm clothing for the homeless in Pittsburgh, PA.


Please utilize the organization's e-mail ( to communicate any requests or questions. We look forward to displaying many of our successful results.